16 Registry Items for All Budgets

POK wedding registry

We all know that attending a wedding can get pretty pricey. Putting in for the Hen’s Night, transport to and from the event, hiring a sitter, that new pair of stilettos you just need – guests are looking at spending a small fortune, and we haven’t even gotten to the wedding present yet! If some of your guests aren’t as cashed as those who are, creating a wedding registry that caters to all budgets is essential. Peter’s of Kensington knows this, which is why their extensive price range on a huge variety of products gives all your guests a chance to feel good about giving you something you actually want.

This Sunday August 13th, Peter’s of Kensington and Wedded Wonderland are hosting an opulent bridal brunch in Sydney. This event is MUST if you enjoy complimentary treats and champagne while finding everything you need for your registry, which, in our opinion, is the best way how to do it.

Coffee machines, sheet sets, wall art, babywear – you name it, it’s there. Not to mention everyone gets a goodie bag full of delights and the chance to win a $500 Peter’s of Kensington voucher. All you need to do is email [email protected] to attend this gorgeous event and we’ll take care of the rest.

So when you’re gliding through the isles with a glass of bubbles in hand this Sunday, remember to add items to your registry that are the upgraded versions of the ones you need now, those small but essential things you can’t do without, and the pricey hardware that’ll last you forever.

Here’s our recommendations:

Under $50

1. Wicker laundry basket
Who doesn’t love that shabby chic look? Woven from rattan and big enough to fit half your wardrobe, this basket comes equipped with two sturdy handles and is strong and durable. A handy way to make a not-so-fashionable task look tastefully stylish.
POK basket 2. Stainless steel fry pan
With it’s thick, impact-bonded aluminium base, this baby is the best way to ensure your food is cooked to perfection. Constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel, this essential kitchen addition can stand the heat for years to come.
POK fry pan 3. Enamel oven roasting dish 
Reminiscent of rustic country kitchens and outdoor picnics, this enamel oven roasting dish is an actual dish (see what we did there?). The porcelain has been fused onto heavy-gauge steel, so if it’s dropped, it won’t break. POK oven pot
4. Bath towel set
Who doesn’t get the warm and fuzzies when imagining rubbing their face against a wonderfully plush new towel? Lightweight yet still thick and absorbent, this luxurious staple is a classic crowd pleaser.

POK towels

$50 – $100

1. Cheese and tapas board
Probably the most important item in your home, this European white oak serving platter is tastefully chic and the perfect option to the traditional square version. With a sturdy carry handle and cheese-perfect width, whoever gets this for you loves you more than you know.


POK cheese2. Rectangle board with collapsible legs
Probably the second most important item in your home, the humble hardwood board with collapsible legs is suited to just about every situation. Breakfast in bed, wine in the bath, portable laptop table sessions – you just can’t go wrong.
POK brekkie in bed3. Sandwich maker 
Perfect for melted cheese toasties and blueberry waffles alike, a sandwich maker is as versatile as you’d like it to be. With easy to clean plates and rubber grip feet, making culinary masterpieces just got easy.
POK sandwhich

4. Throw rug
Anyone who’s lived through winter would know how important this linen addition is. Luxuriously soft and wonderfully warm, a classically patterned throw rug with decorative tassels will never be out of place.

POK throw rug


1. Blender
There’s no better way to add a touch of elegance to the everyday than with an Italian-designed blender. With stainless steel blades, three blending options and a self-cleaning function, it’s a given there’s going to be one very happy couple out there.

POK blender

2. Picture frame
The bride and groom are going to need something to show off those gorgeous wedding photos. Silver plated with a lacquered coating, this frame is the perfect complement to the beauty of a couple’s big day.

POK photo fram

3. Table wear set

Pretty enough for a china cabinet but usable enough for the daily grind, a good-quality table wear set is an often overlooked prerequisite for newlyweds, making it the perfect wedding registry item.

POK dinnerwear

4. Coffee machine
One can only dream, right?

POK coffee

Image credits: Peter’s of Kensington and Lauren Conrad (feature image) 


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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