16 Jaw-Dropping Gideon Hermosa Weddings That’ll Take Your Breath Away

Step into the enchanting world of wedding design with the visionary mastermind, Gideon Hermosa. With a natural flair for creativity, Hermosa has taken the events industry in the Philippines and the world by storm, creating exquisitely detailed weddings and events beyond your wildest dreams.

Join us on an exclusive journey as we showcase 16 of his most awe-inspiring wedding designs, each one a testament to his exceptional skill and artistry. From fairy tale settings to stunning floral arrangements, be prepared to be blown away by these spectacular events’ sheer beauty and magnificence.

1. A Most Enchanted Evening

Enchanting and magical garden venue designed by Gideon Hermosa.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

Gideon Hermosa and his House of Hermosa team crafted a magical world of enchantment. Through meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering passion for natural beauty, the venue is transformed into an enchanting and magical garden.

2. The Dreamiest of Receptions

Elegant and sophisticated wedding.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

A vision of pure elegance and sophistication, this wedding reception exudes a heavenly aura. The exquisite petal chairs, cone-shaped ceiling installation, chandeliers, and breathtaking floral arrangements elevate the venue to new heights and create a dream-like atmosphere.

3. Beachside Nuptials, Reimagined

Reimagined beachside nuptials with culture and heritage designed by Gideon Hermosa weddings.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

A celebration of love that seamlessly blends heritage and culture with the dreamy romantic vibe of the beach. Against the stunning backdrop of golden-hour, sun-kissed Santacruzan arches and swaying fields of grass, a beautiful love story unfolds, captivating us with its magic and wonder.

4. Pretty In Pastels

Love is in all full bloom in pastel themed wedding.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

Surrounded by exquisite pastel floral arrangements and stunning arches to match, the scene is set for the wedding. As the bride walks down the mirror aisle, her beauty and grace are reflected back at her, and the delicate hues of pastels provide a gentle, soothing contrast against the grandeur of the occasion.

5. Modernity, But Not As You Know It

Modern and contemporary themed wedding.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

With meticulous attention to detail, House of Hermosa flawlessly blends contemporary lines and structures with its signature soft hues and delicate florals. The result is a breathtaking transformation of the space, creating a wedding night that perfectly balances modern elegance with classic romance.

6. An Autumnal Affair

Autumn-themed wedding by Gideon  Hermosa.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

Warm colors and soft candlelights come together to create an evening of romance that feels like snuggling in front of a cozy fireplace. The wedding banquet is awash with the colors of the season, evoking a sense of comfort and beauty that is truly unparalleled.

7. Light Up The Stage

Lights surround the stage that sets the scene of the wedding.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

Leveraging the power of florals and lights, Gideon creates a magical and unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests. Watch in awe as the stage seamlessly shifts from one scene to the next, each one more breathtaking than the last. It’s amazing how these simple elements can transport you back in time or create new memories to cherish for a lifetime.

8. Chandeliers For Days

Beautiful venue full of flower installations and glimmering chandeliers.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

With a careful selection of beautiful flowers, glimmering chandeliers, and enchanting effects, the event styling and florist team create an ethereal atmosphere that transports guests to a wonderland of enchantment. The beauty of the space comes alive as if a spell has been cast.

9. A Blushing Soiree

Blush pink themed wedding by Gideon Hermosa
Photo from @gideonhermosa

A blush pink grand wedding feast that exudes sophistication and elegance. From the intricately shaped ceiling that mirrors the clean lines of the tables to every perfectly curated element that creates a clean symmetrical harmony, this space is a true masterpiece.

10. A Holy Matrimony

Delicate and enchanting rows of flowers, creating a lush and serene atmosphere.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

As they take their first steps as a married couple, they walk down an aisle adorned with the most delicate and enchanting rows of flowers, creating a lush and serene atmosphere. The mirrored runway, reflecting the beauty of the surroundings, adds an ethereal touch to the setting.

11. A Romantic Revival

Gideon Hermosa wedding with shades of gold and royal purple.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

A romantic atmosphere was set by the use of shades of gold and royal purple. The lighting design was carefully crafted to create a magical shift of colors that complemented the blooms. It was a testament to the team’s expertise in crafting a space that reflects the couple’s love story.

12. With The Stars As Our Witness

Beachside reception with sparkling lights by Gideon Hermosa.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

The tablescapes were beautifully curated with details that perfectly complemented the breathtaking view of the ocean. The warmth of the romantic lights above enhanced the natural beauty of the beach setting, while the subtle hints of sunset colors on the tables added a touch of whimsy and romance. It truly was a celebration for the stars to witness.

13. A Garden Fairytale

Magical garden venue by Gideon Hermosa.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

Nestled in the heart of a picturesque garden, the venue radiates a magical aura that makes it feel like it was plucked straight out of a fairytale. Glimmering lights adorn the lawn and twinkle against the castle walls, casting a warm glow that envelopes the space.

14. Don’t Forget To Look Up

This Gideon Hermosa wedding will make you want to look up.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

You have to look up at this wedding banquet because you wouldn’t want to miss what lies above. The ceiling of the venue is a spectacle of glimmering lights and romantic elements that add to the enchanting atmosphere of the wedding banquet. Inspired by lucid dreams, the circular ombre tablescape complements the modern octagon structure of the venue.

15. Saying ‘I Do’ Amongst Nature

Glimmering rays of the sun illuminate the lush surroundings.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

The glimmering rays of the sun illuminate the lush surroundings, providing a stunning natural setting for this heartwarming moment. The delicate sprigs of gypsophila that adorn the space add a touch of romantic elegance, creating the perfect backdrop for this special occasion.

16. Timeless Elegance

A wedding venue that exudes timeless elegance.
Photo from @gideonhermosa

This enchanting venue captures the essence of a modern-day fairytale, providing the perfect reception for our newlyweds to begin their happily ever after. The seamless blend of old-world charm and modern elegance is a testament to the venue’s timeless beauty, making it a truly unforgettable location for a wedding celebration.

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