15 Wedding Trend Mistakes To Avoid In 2019

Wedding seasons come and go but sometimes there comes a point where you sit back and think that you’ve seen all of the same elements repeated at almost every wedding!

Planning a wedding that is different and unique to all the rest is a big challenge, however there are a few things you need to keep in mind to not include at your wedding.

Prepare to cringe and laugh at the top 15 most common wedding trend mistakes that everyone makes and how to avoid them!

1. Hashtags

OK, we get it, it’s for the gram! Everyone wants to be remembered for their wedding day through one simple and catchy hashtag. If you’re planning on creating one for your special day, make sure it’s timeless and classic!

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2. Oversized Bouquets

Less is more – that’s the key. Classic and small bouquets are seen as more refined and elegant. Big and oversized bridal bouquets definitely overshadow all the amazing detail of the bride’s dress.

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3. Overly Customised Dresses

Creating your own customised dress is a tailored and personalised process that some brides choose to do. However, it can get out of hand carefully when not thought about carefully. You want something that will truly reflect you, your silhouette and your taste. Don’t go for a style or design that has been repeated a thousand times for nearly every other bride on Instagram.

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4. Monogram

A trend that is so common in almost every wedding is the overuse of monogram. Rather than incorporating this into every element in your wedding, only monogram the important or details you want to emphasise. Overuse of monogram can result in a tacky look to your wedding.

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5. Unsuitable Decor

Trees, greenery and foliage in floral designs and arrangements has become increasingly popular in weddings this year. However, tone this down as some of the elements and decor incorporated can look out of season that doesn’t tie in seamlessly with the venue or space of your wedding.

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6. Neon Signs

Although they add a modern and edgy look to your wedding, you might look back and think that this element has dated your wedding.

alex haney lUW4hw10lMk unsplash

7. Never Ending Performances & Skits

The last thing you want is your wedding to look like a circus! It’s popular to have your bridal party prepare something they have pre-prepared for you and your guests or hiring professionals to perform a routine during dinner. If you do want to incorporate some entertainment and performances to your wedding, make sure it goes for an appropriate length of time and that the act is tasteful and executed perfectly.

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8. Naked Cakes

Save these cakes for your other events, but don’t include it on your wedding day!

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9. Wedding Favours

Thank you, next! Cause how many of the same wedding favours can you receive after attending so many weddings! Some can be an unnecessary expense that people don’t take notice of or appreciate. Think outside the box if you want to include a thank you for your guests.

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10. Unnatural Photos

You don’t want to look back on your wedding photos and think to yourself what the hell was I doing? This is a day that doesn’t come around often so just enjoy the moment but don’t turn your wedding into a staged and overly posed photoshoot. The key to the best wedding photos is just to be yourself and enjoy every moment!

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11. Open Seating

Although this is starting to become a big trend at wedding, it never works out as you imagine it. You spend countless months designing a beautiful tabletop then guests go crazy when they choose where to sit. It is so common for guests to pull up chairs and add them to tables, move around throughout the night. So to avoid this, stick to place cards so at least your wedding guests have their allocated seats but still have the freedom to talk to people around them. It is a lot of work and organisation but trust us, it will pay off. And not to mention, you’ll be glad that you did it!

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12. Guest Performers

It’s okay to have maybe one or two guest performers but you don’t want your wedding to turn into a talent show. Choose guest performers who you believe will get all your guests up on their feet and entertained.

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13. Multiple Dress Changes

The trend that we see at weddings is that brides have a different outfit for every part of the wedding. The ceremony, a ballgown. The reception entrance, a jumpsuit. Cutting the cake and dancing, a cocktail dress. And other outfit for the afterparty. Your wedding dress is that one item that you will only wear once. Make every moment count in your dream bridal look. Just think about all the time you would need to take changing outfits and to also fit in hair and makeup touches, you’ll miss out on all the fun at your own wedding. Stick to 1-2 outfit changes for your special day if you do want to change.

jonathan borba rtoXdkL5fKA unsplash

14. Peachy Colour Palettes

Coral and peachy palettes seem to be the colour for weddings this year. The pinky peach hue is definitely a gorgeous colour but when overdone, it can quickly outdate your wedding.

thomas william Q3PzwHKpEdc unsplash

15. Asymmetrical Floral Arrangements

The asymmetrical styling can take away from the main focus and details of the wedding. To avoid this, go towards hand-picked florals that create symmetry that will catch your guests’ attention. This will give your wedding a classic and elegant vibe.

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There you have it Fairies!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image: Tali Photography

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