Bridal bouquets were traditionally symbols of new life, hope and fertility, but if you’re over the blossoms, we’ve picked through some of the less conventional options to include in the bouquet.

1. Fruit

Fruity bouquets can add a fun pop of colour.

fruitImages from sweetvioletbride.com

2. Feathers

Sourcing some faux feathers can really add some dimension to your bridal bunch. Note: no animals were harmed in the making of these bouquets.

feathersImage from athomeinlove.com

3. Gold

Gold is the metallic colour of the season, so incorporate it into your bouquet with hand-dipped foiling!.

goldImage from vponsalewedding.co.uk

4. Succulents

Modern, sharp and architectural, succulents will instantly add cool-factor to your bouquet.

succelentsImage from Stuart Leishman Photography

5. Brooches

Brooch bouquets are all the rage at the moment. Paired with a simple, classic dress, these brooch arrangements add just enough bling.

broochImage from greenweddingshoes.com

6. Paper

Embrace your inner origami master to add these delicate creations to your bouquet.

paperImage from liagriffith.com

7. Charms

Sprinkle your bouquet with some charms and trinkets that hold sentimental value for you. Post-wedding, you can add them to your very own charm bracelet!

charmsImage from southernweddings.com

8. Animals

Not real animals, of course. Think more along the lines of artificial butterflies and tiny ladybugs peeking out beneath the petals.

animalImages from bridalinsights.wordpress.com and rocknrollbride.com

9. Shells

These seashell bouquets make me think my 5-year-old self was seriously onto something.

shellsImage from etsy.com

10. Candy

Edible bouquet? Um, yes please! I guess that’s one way to make sure everyone has a sugar high.

candyImages from bouquetidea.net and blog.weddingpaperdivas.com

11. Fabric

Incorporating some fabric flowers can be a beautiful vintage touch. Just be sure they don’t clash with the dress!

fabricImage from allyouneedisloveevents.com

12. Vegetables

Your mum was right. Veggies are important. And oh so chic!

vegetablesImages from ecowatch.com and thebigfatindianwedding.com

13. Christmas ornaments

Who knew you could make use of those kitschy baubles you leave stashed away for eleven months of the year.

christmasImage from www.brit.co

 14.  Buttons

What better way to make use of that button collection in the bottom of your sewing kit?

PicMonkey CollageImage from onewed.com

15. Yarn

Talk about texture! These yarn bouquets make a vintage statement.

yarnImage from diys.com

Main image from lifeinbloomchicagoblog.com

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