15 Things To Do The Night Before Your Wedding

Now that the final day before your wedding is here and you’ve completed all the arrangements necessary for your special day, there are some things you’ll want to make sure are complete the night before the wedding to ensure your day is perfect.

1. Final Payments to All Vendors

Usually payments should be made in advance however double check you’ve made all your necessary payemnts so there are no hiccups to your Big Day.

2. Pack your bags in the car

Make sure all bags that you need for your special day and honeymoon are all packed and ready to go to avoid any last minute chaos.

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3. Print A List of Vendor Details

Be sure to have a list of all your supplier details on hand incase you need to contact one at the day.

4. Enjoy Some Pampering

The lead up to your big day can be quite stressful so indulge yourself in a relaxing massage to ease your mind and body.

5. Assign someone to collect gifts

Guests will ofcourse bring a gift along usually in the form of a montary gift popped into your designted wishing well, however you’ll need to assign a trusted family member or friend to gather all the contents and drop them off to you at a later time.

6. Practice walking in your shoes

You won’t regret this!

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7. Go over your vows

You may not have had much time to do this, and now is the time!

8. Spend time with your Parents

If you’re living with your aprents, it’ll be the last time you sleep under their roof and a very emotional time for them so try to spend some one on one time with them before you head off to bed!

9. Get a good night’s sleep

No puffy eyes on your special day!

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