We have heard it before… all those “I wish I knew earlier!” things. There are so many little secrets that all those married people out there failed to mention in the lead up to your big day.

Here is our list of the top 15 things you should know (for the sake of your sanity)

The cost of thank you gifts
You have your bridal party, your family, and any other close friends who have followed your every command to keep you happy (and not crazy) in the lead up to your big day. Picking a personal gift for every one of your helpers can cost a small fortune! We suggest organising a thank you lunch and spending your money on a few good bottles of champagne.

Sleep deprivation
You will not sleep. As cool, calm and collected as you think you are, you will lose sleep worrying about some colour or linen. Or the colour of some linen.

Alone time with the groom
As much as this entire process is all about you and your groom, you probably won’t spend much time alone with him on the day. We recommend making a point to find some time you can spend just with him.

It isn’t all fun and games
Forget all the pretty flowers and delicious cake! Organising your wedding isn’t a fairy tale. It’s going to be stressful, but remember not everything is in your control. As much as you can, try and enjoy the experience.

You won’t feel super comfortable on your wedding day
If you’re a bride that wants everything bigger and better, comfort is probably not on the list. Should it really be style over comfort? If you’re not sure, be smart when you choose your dress and shoes! Blisters and bruises aren’t an ideal addition to your honeymoon.

You need a contingency plan for everything
Like we said, not everything is in your control. Have a backup for all the major elements of your big day like the venue and hair/makeup artist.

You won’t eat
This one is specific to the wedding day. You will get so caught up ensuring you are the perfect host who greets all your guests that it is likely you won’t eat a full meal. Eat a nutritious breakfast the morning of your wedding. Plus we’re sure the limo driver won’t mind a McDonald’s stop on the way to the hotel afterwards!

You may experience post wedding blues
Wedding planning consumes such a large part of your life that you may feel a little lost after it’s all over. And the solution is not to decide you want to become a wedding planner.

You may have a little too much to drink
This may or may not be intentional, depending on exactly how little you eat. Just make sure you remember your wedding day okay?

It will all become a matter of project management and multi tasking
Planning a wedding is a BIG task. And there are a lot of things that you need to juggle at once. If you don’t have a major drama along the way, you’re actually a lucky one. If you do, join the rest of us.

Everyone will have an opinion
Set a priority list of things that you will not budge on. It is your wedding day. Of course, there’s room for negotiation on certain things but don’t let anybody’s tantrum sway you. Every decision you make, you should be happy with.

Not everyone will RSVP
You will need to set aside time to follow up via phone and email to finalise your guest list. Including an RSVP card with your invitation may be a great idea, but we’re here to tell you not everybody makes use of it.

You may not be able to sit on the toilet
We don’t need to explain this. Ruffles upon ruffles may make this simple task difficult. Again, choose your dress (and bridesmaids) very wisely!

You will probably blow your budget
We know. You’ve sworn you won’t overspend a thousand times. But there are a thousand and one times where something bigger and better will catch your eye and you will just have to have it. After all, you’re only getting married once right?

DIY projects don’t always save you money
Do your research to find ideas within your budget and consider the time each task will take. But also don’t forget what you’re good at. Making mistakes trying to do things may amount to more dollars buying replacements materials.

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