15 Fun Food Station Ideas that Will Wet Your Appetite

When planning your wedding menu, a great idea to add a creative touch to your big day is to include a unique food station. No matter what tickles your fancy, whether you have a savoury or a sweet tooth, we have plenty of ideas to wow and delight your guest’s taste buds.

1. Grazing tables

Grazing tables are a relatively new wedding trend and typically feature a variety of cold meats, cheeses, antipasto, dips, breads, crackers, salads and fruits. These are great for a rustic or vintage inspired wedding, but will make a beautiful addition to your big day regardless of your styling theme.

grazing table wedding

Image via: danthemancooking.com

2. Spudbar

Having a spud bar is another growing trend. Equip your spud bar with all manner of chips, fries and mash potato with various toppings and dressings.

spud bar food station ideas

Image via:inentablecloth.com

3. Pizza buffet bar

Pizza may not immediately be what springs to mind when you think of weddings but this is great for a casual or rustic outdoor themed wedding.

pizza buffet bar

Image via; greenvillabarn.blogspot.com

4 .Seafood station

You cant go wrong with a classic cold seafood station.

seafood bar wedding

Image via;shellshocrestaurant.com

5. Sushi

Not a food people would typically associate with weddings, but it works well as a portable bite sized snack to offer your guests.

sushi station wedding

Image via: suggest.org

6. Mac & Cheese

One of the ultimate comfort foods. A mac and cheese station would be perfect as either an entree or an after-dinner snack. Wonderful for a winter wedding.

mac and cheese station

Image via: citygourmetgroup.com

7. Taco stand

A taco or burrito stand is also a great idea. This would go perfectly paired with some margarita cocktails.

taco station wedding

Image via: blackandwhite-mag.com

8. Popcorn station

This would work as either a sweet or savoury station. You could have all manner of flavoured popcorn or opt for the traditional butter and salt combo.

popcorn station wedding

Image via: paulbarettphotography.com

popcron wedding station

Image via: 100layercake.com

9. Chocolate Fountain

You can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned chocolate fountain.

chocolate fountain wedding

Image via: design indulgences.com

10. Smoores Bar

A smoores bar would be the perfect accompaniment to a rustic or winter themed wedding. You could roast your smoores outdoors on a fire or indoors over a gas heater.

smoore station

Image via: nykandcaliweddingphotography.com

11. Donut Display

mmm Donuts! delight your guests with a scrumptious donut display worthy of Homer Simpson.

donut station wedding

Image via: watsonstudios.com

12. Pie Platter

Berry, cherry, apple, chocolate, custard, pecan, there is a pie to get everyone’s tastebuds tickling.

pie platter wedding

Image via: kellianejordanphotography.com

13. Fairy Floss

Get in touch with your inner child by including a fairy floss stand at your wedding. This would be particularly well suited for an outdoor wedding.

fairy floss station wedding

Image via; somethingturquoise.com

14. Waffle Stand

A waffle stand would be the perfect accompaniment to a winter wedding, although who are we kidding its always a good time for waffles.

waffle bar wedding

Image via flickr.com

15. Make Your Own Sundae

A great idea to entertain the little ones, why not include a make your own Sundae station.

sunday stand wedding

Image via; madelinebarr.com


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