It’s easy to spot the wedding dress trends when they literally flood your social media feeds, reducing your Instagram to a sea of amazing dresses in all their lacy, embellished glory. Enjoy this collection of Insty viral shots, Fairies.

sposa mainUm, can we just take a moment to appreciate the glitter party that is this dress? This stunning gown is available at The Sposa Group for those who wish to try on and swoon.

jaton mainThe promo image for this J’Aton number sure did its rounds on social media, cropping up once again after Rebecca Twigley’s wedding in February 2015. But we’re not complaining.

berta mainThis Berta Bridal gown resurfaces on my popular page at least once a week. Safe to say it’s a fan favourite.

paolo mainIt’s official, Paolo Sebastian can do no wrong. The detail on this dress is to die for!

milla mainFairies, meet Milla Nova. These sweeping concoctions are getting a lot of love on Instagram right now.

leah mainThis Leah Da Gloria cape is everything. Need we say more?

lurelly mainThe skirt off this Lurelly gown has us dreaming of all things whimsical. Not like, love!

georgemainFront or back, George Elsissa dresses are all kinds of amazing. No surprise it’s being shared all over Instagram.

steven mainSteven Khalil is an Instagram staple now and this gown shows why.


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