14 Hilarious Valentine’s Tweets About Being Single

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and although we are excited to spread the love, there are some of us who are … less than enthusiastic.

We understand, we’ve all been there at least once. It can be hard to be single on Valentine’s day!

Everyone is out there celebrating couples and love, while us singles are sitting at home, waiting for the discount chocolate on February 15th.

But you are not alone. These 14 tweets perfectly describe what it truly means to be single on Valentine’s Day.

1.  This Guy Who Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Undateable

2. The Sad Truth


3. The Best Single Plans for V-Day

4. Treat Yo’ Self!


5. Whataburger Knows What’s Up

6. Words To Live By

7. Still Cute Though



9. Harry Understand Singles on a New Level

10. A Well Deserved Getaway


11. Channel Your Inner Elle Woods

12. It’s Me, Not You

13. Try Not To Cry … A Lot

14. And Just a General Mix of Emotions for V-Day

Written by Ellen Kirkness 

Posted in Relationships, Single Ladies by wedded wonderland

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