14 Creative Ways to Use Lighting in Your Wedding

Smart lighting can make for a magical and enchanting effect. It is more then just functional, it provides a beautiful styling element and creates a gentle and romantic ambience that helps elevate an event from ordinary to extraordinary.

From spectacular chandeliers to rustic candelabras, and vintage lanterns to new-age geometric designs — the world of lighting is full of possibilities with something to suite every theme and taste.

1. Edison Bulbs

creative ways to use lighting in you're wedding

Image via: studio impressions

These Edison bulbs offer a contemporary, new age feel whilst creating a beautiful ambient glow.

2. String Lights 

creative ways to use lighting in you're wedding

Image via; huffintonpost 

These string lights create a beautiful backdrop to a wedding ceremony, and are an inexpensive and simple way to style your ceremony.

3. Hanging Chandeliers 

creative ways to use lighting

Photographed by Michael and Anna Costa

Chandeliers are an oldie but a goodie, they are beautiful anywhere but are a perfect means of styling an outdoor ceremony. And of course provide the most gorgeous photo op.

4. Pathway of Fairy Lights 

creative ways to use lighting in you're wedding

Image via: candle tee it up

Illuminate the way to your ceremony or reception by creating a magical trail of glowing lights.

5. Floating Lanterns and Candles 

floating lanterns and candles

Photographed by Jodi and Kurt photography

6. Candle in a Bottle

candle in a bottle

Image via: casar.com

Placing small narrow candles inside empty glass bottles is a creative styling technique and create a beautiful rustic effect.

7. Floating Candles in Water 

floating candles in water

Image via; shelterness.com

This is a simple and inexpensive way to style your reception and ceremony.

8. Candelabras 

candelabras wedding lighting

Image via: casar.com

You can’t go wrong with a classic candelabra.

9. Hanging Candles 

hanging candles

Image via casar.com

10. Geometric Shaped Chandeliers

lighting ideas for weddings

Image via: Corbin Gurkin photography 

These contemporary designs offer a modern twist on the traditional chandelier.

11. Paper Lanterns 

lighting ideas for weddings

Image via: raquerais.com

Chinese paper lanterns are another fantastic and inexpensive way to style your reception.

12. Mason Jars

mason jars wedding lighting decor

Photographed by Greg Finck

13. Suspended tray of Candles

wedding lighting

Image via: fabyoubliss.com

14. Lumineers

creative wedding lighting ideas

Image via: Swoon Magazine 


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