Photographers are some of the hardest working suppliers on the wedding day. They’re by the Bride’s side from first thing in the morning and don’t tend to leave until the main part of the reception is over.

But, the magic a good photographer can create, never ceases to blow us away; so we’ve asked some of our favourite wedding photographers from around the globe to share their favourite image, along with why it’s their favourite – you won’t be disappointed!

1. Duke Photography

This is favourite image because it’s this idea that we can start with just a subject, lighting, and location, and in 20mins or less we’ve created something extraordinary that will last a lifetime. This was right after the couple’s first look, so everything was very natural and beautiful between the couple. duke

2. Henryk Photo

This is one of my favourite moments, Gabriella’s father couldn’t hold back the tears after seeing his daughter in her wedding dress. I learnt afterwards that he’s known to be quite stern and serious – and never sheds a tear- watching the sheer joy; it was a beautiful thing to witness.henryk1

3. Anna Roussos

I like the metaphor in this photograph which reflects for me what relationship between husband and wife should look like:  They are making their way up the stairs and she firmly holds his had, while they booth look in each others eyes.anna


4. Kristen Marie Parker

Amber and Luke took a few moments before their ceremony to spend some alone time together in the woods of Mt. Constitution, Orcas Island and connect with nature before they married overlooking the nearby bay.kristten

5. Pretty Days Photographie

My favorite pic… In French’s Caribbean Island, February 2015 at Anaïs & Julien’s wedding. This is just as the bride is ready. She’s waiting for her father. She’s quiet, she’s alone, she’s happy. I said, “Anaïs, close your eyes”, she closed,then opened and I shot.pretty

6. Cam Neville Photography

Love comes in many forms, through family, friends and those we surround ourselves with. This is from Gopalia and Govinda’s Wedding taken in October, 2015.cam

7. Branco Prata

It’s really difficult to choose a favourite image; but today, this particular image is without a doubt, my favourite! This couple eloped to Azores and got married there, and we truly felt special and honoured to be witnesses to this moment in their lives!branco

8. The Modern Love Photography

This image is a documentary night-time shot of a guy being kissed by a girl on the cheek. It’s one of our earliest photos. I’m still always striving for documentary images like this – a perfect storm of composition, light, moment and a little mystery.modern

9. Erick Reyes Photography

As wedding photographers, we work hard to find incredible portraits, stunning images, technically complex pictures; but there’s always a time when we get to that image of a loving kiss between father and daughter–that picture we all know every girl dreams of having from her wedding day. These kinds of images are the most important ones; they show us the connection that two people have had for years. This photography is not meant to be only for the bride and groom; it is for the whole family, who is sharing the joy of seeing a loved one celebrate her great day.eric

10 MacDougall Photos

I love this image of Marissa and Chris’s Greek island wedding because it captures a really candid moment of pure joy. It’s super natural and at the same time exotic and glamorous. The couple are so gorgeous we needed to show these more candid shots to our clients to convince them it was a real wedding and not a model shoot!macdoug

11. Kismis Ink Photography

As a photographer, I’m always looking forward to the next portrait. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be this levitating ring portrait I created a few weeks ago for the simple reason that it involved my client’s complete trust on her wedding day.kismis

12. iCapture Dreams

This image was taken during an Armenian-Belgian wedding in Antwerp. It is the bride performing a traditional dance for her husband during the dinner celebration and just before the first dance. It was a very intense moment and I am glad I witnessed it. icap

13. Inlighten Photography

I’m going to have to go back to an old favourite of Ruth and her bridesmaids.  A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a bride to say to her bridesmaids, “I love you, I appreciate all them times you’ve been there for me, and I treasure every experience we’ve shared together” The way Ruth and her bridesmaids are so relaxed and intertwined together – yet each seems to have a different a unique relationship to her – shows how unique and strong the bond between a bride and her bridesmaids truly is. inlighten


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