13 Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Day!

Weddings are defined by what they bring on the day.

It could be sacred ceremony with a select intimate guests or an upbeat crowd celebrating with cultural music.

Whatever you choose, every Wedding always means something to the Bride and Groom, who sometimes can get carried away with too many suggestions!

Personalise your Wedding in a creative or sentimental way with these top ideas.

1. Aisle Runner

A super creative way to impress your guests as they await your arrival. Start with how you met until you reach the end where Mr Right stands!


Image: Bridal Guide

2. Seating Chart

Get descriptive with this cheeky seating chart. Label each guest with ‘Mr Funny’ or ‘Miss Obnoxious’ titles to really get everyone laughing!


Image: Bridal Guide

3. Bridal Hangers

Something sentimental. Bridal hangers are great for photo opportunities and storing that phenomenal Wedding gown.

Image result for bridal hangers

Image: Weddbook

4. Signature Drink

Make your day even personal with a drink you both share or admire. Remember, nothing too strong!

Image result for signature drink wedding

Image: Engaged and Inspired

5. Cupcake Centrepiece

Impress your guests at the table with a cupcake centrepiece. Different flavours for different tables!

Image result for cupcake centrepiece wedding

Image: Pinterest

6. Custom-made Boutonniere

Let him stand out too with a customised boutonniere. He could place his favourite Lego superhero or even something sentimental.

Image result for creative boutonniere

Image: Mountain Modern Life

7. Personalised Footwear

Everyone loves a good shoe, but an even better shoe is personal. Create or draw something special for the world to see.

Image result for personalised wedding shoes

Image: Figgie Shoes

8. Remember the Ones You’ve Lost

A tribute to the past is personal indeed. Dedicate a table or section to those who have passed away. Remember, they are still present in spirit.

Image result for the ones you lost photo wedding

Image: Behind the Bliss

9. Music Playlist

Get all your Wedding guests onto the dance floor with a music playlist created by you and your partner! Nothing beats the classics.

Image result for wedding music dance

Image: Pinterest

10. Candy Table

Candy is for everyone, right? Nothing is sweeter than a table dedicated to all your favourite treats.

Image result for wedding candy table

Image: Project Wedding

11. Champagne Fountain

A classy event indeed, this champagne fountain will add a touch of elegant soiree and personal desires!

Image result for wedding champagne fountain

Image: Smart Flora

12. Cultural Food

Keep it traditional with food made from your hometown! A fantastic idea and new experience for your guests.

Image result for wedding cultural food

Image: Inside Weddings

13. Themed Wedding

Themed Weddings work extremely well as the possibilities are out there. From magical to medieval, your day will end with carpet rides into the sky!

voltaire weddings wedding website 23

Image: Voltaire Weddings


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