13 Stories That Will Make You Believe In Love At First Sight

The idea of love at first sight is considered a rare phenomenon, something that only some lucky people have experienced. It differs to attraction at first sight – a far more common occurrence and one which can sometimes blur the lines between who we consider to be the “right person.”

Actress Emily Blunt once said that when she first met her husband, fellow actor John Krasinski, it was love at first sight for the both of them.

She told People that while sitting in a restaurant with a friend, “We were talking, and discussing how much I was enjoying being single, and then she goes, ‘Oh my god, there’s my friend John!’ And that was it.”

She also told the story on the Late Show With Seth Meyers, describing how John was “sitting with our friend Justin Theroux … then he abandoned Justin and came over to come and talk to us, and he just stood there, and made me laugh.

“We were engaged within 10 months, but I think we probably knew before that.”

It’s a fitting rom-com story for movie stars, but what about the rest of us?

We asked our wonderful Wedded Wonderland audience from all over the worl if they had experienced love at first sight and the responses may just be enough to convince you it’s for real.


My best friend & I are from Seattle but were celebrating Galentine’s Day in San Francisco. We went to a bar in the city and I could see a man (my now-fiancé staring at me) from across the bar but I couldn’t see him very well so we left and went along, not thinking much of it. My best friend and I had so much fun that we booked another trip down there three weeks later. We went into a bar, ordered a drink, and I immediately locked eyes with a tall, dark and handsome man.

We kept staring at each other the entire night and finally he mustered up the courage to introduce himself. I guess I was the girl who blew him off on the first trip and he never forgot. I thought he was the dreamiest person I’ve ever met. We immediately hit it off – I felt like I met my match. We spent the entire night together, dancing and laughing. The next day I called my mom in the airport, crying my eyes and telling her that I had met my soulmate. We did long distance for 6 months, I moved to San Francisco and now we are getting married.


My partner and I are getting married on April 28th!

Ben and I met in college in America. He was an Aussie basketballer playing in the states. Our paths crossed in August 2011 and we became inseparable. A year later Ben’s dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness and Ben had to move back to Australia. I finished my studies and moved over to Australia in December 2012. We haven’t looked back and fall more in love with each other everyday!


I met my fiancé during Christmas at his dad’s house. We exchanged numbers and our first date was the best day I’d ever had. After two years of being together, we are getting married in May!


I didn’t believe it at first but love at first sight definitely exists! My current boyfriend walked up to my counter at work and awkwardly asked for my number. There was this one line that he said that made me click, like, “YES! He’s the one.” To this day we’re still madly in love.

What was the line?

He asked for my number and I was reluctant, then after a long pause he was like, “I’m not a paedophile or anything” and I just lost it laughing because that’s totally something I’d say. From that moment I knew we were a perfect match.


My boyfriend says he fell for me the first time he saw me and I smiled at him. For me on the other hand, it took a little longer.

There were a couple of factors as to why it wasn’t “at first sight” for me. He is quite a bit older than me (11 years) and at the time we were living in different cities, so I didn’t want to get my hopes up. But, as I said, he was hooked right away. Where I’m from we have a saying that goes something like, “love enters through the stomach” which means that even though looks may be gone one day, you’ll always need food, so you might as well bond with someone who you can cook/eat with.

And that’s what happened with me. We bonded over our love for ramen! One day he uploaded a picture of a delicious looking bowl of ramen, I commented on it, he took his shot, using that as an excuse to ask me on a date. 5 years later, here we are living together and planning on getting engaged, then getting married and hopefully one day starting a family together.


I most definitely believe in love at first sight. I met my hubby at 14 years old at a cultural festival. As soon as I laid my eyes on him I fell in love. It didn’t take long until we started talking and 10 years down the track we are happily married. I still look at him when he comes home from work the same as I did the first time I saw him.


On May 28 2016, I was at a church event at Jenolan caves. Our church youth group invited the other church’s youth and that’s where I met him. As soon as I got off the bus we laid eyes on each other when they introduced everyone and we couldn’t stop staring at each other. The first thing that he said was “I ran over a kangaroo.” In two months I become his wife.

It honestly feels like the world stops and no one else is around you. Would never ever forget how that feels.


I knew from Day One that I was going to marry this guy! On the 7th of July this year I am marrying him.

We met 12 years ago briefly at a formal and thought nothing of each other. Then five years ago, I added him on Instagram and we had our first date a week later. This first date was “terrible.” Picture this – We went to his dad’s restaurant where his brother was the waiter. Justin was so nervous that he could barely speak, so I thought he wasn’t interested yet I was intrigued. Then we continued dating and I came home and said to my Mum, “yes, he is the one I am going to marry.”


I met my now fiancé for about 15 minutes before I started referring to him as my future husband. We didn’t get together for about 6 months but when you know you know!


We met on tinder in December 2017. I had only seen pictures of him. When he walked into the restaurant my heart stopped, I hugged him and it started beating so fast. I was expecting to be home in two hours. We ended up spending eight hours together on our first date. We’ve been inseparable since then and are now engaged.


My husband told his friends that the first time we spoke he said, “I’m going to marry that girl.” He was a bouncer, I had too much wine, but he knew. We’ve been married for almost 16 years! Thank God I drank that wine and needed a seat from my hubby the bouncer.


My boyfriend was my boss at the time, and while I didn’t think it was love at first, it definitely became clear that he was special. We’ve been going strong for almost 5 years and I have it on good authority he’s put money on a ring. I have definitely been lucky. We all need a person like this!


My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We met in biology class in our sophomore year of high school. It was actually the second week of the year and I walked into class late. Immediately we locked eyes and everyone else in the room disappeared. I immediately felt a “zing.”

For the rest of the class we literally stared at each other. Super awkward, but I knew that he was “the one.” We’ve been inseparable since – 10 years together, 5 years married, and 2 kids later. I totally believe that we are soulmates that are destined to find each other in each lifetime, I’m just so glad we found each other at 15.

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