13 Baby Names Inspired by Aussie Destinations

Cities and countries do make great baby names, think Austin, Georgia, Indiana, London and Brooklyn, but if you love geographical names, keep it home grown with our 15 favourite true blue spots!

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Coen (QLD)

Coen is an ideal destination for birdwatchers with beautiful monsoon and coastal forests. A hipster name for a baby boy!

Darwin (NT)

Australia’s only tropical capital city, Darwin gazes out confidently across the Timor Sea. It’s closer to Bali than Bondi!

Jervis (NSW)

We love this contemporary name! Jervis Bay is a drowned river valley formed 15,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age!

Theodore (QLD)

Did you know at the 2011 census, Theodore had a population of 452! You know what they say, small town – phenomenal baby name! Wait … they say that?!

Burnie (TAS)

Fantastic food is made in Burnie like whisky and cheese. Don’t forget the best milk in the world for cheese making is produced right here

Alvie (VIC)

Alvie is one of those small, cute towns in Victoria – just like your baby boy (we hope!)

Allora (QLD)

Allora is another tiny town in south-eastern Queensland. But, aren’t baby girls small anyway?

Riana (TAS)

The agricultural town of vegetables and dairy farms, Riana sounds awfully familiar to Rihanna, right? Cha-ching!

Eden (SA)

The town of Eden was named by the surveyors of the area after they found the name carved into a tree! Nature can be so inspiring!

Jannali (NSW)

Jannali is an Aboriginal word, meaning ‘the Place of the Moon’, originating from the people of the Northern Territory. It’s also used as a female given name!

Venus (VIC)

Not only do we adore the ‘Birth of Venus’ painting, but we’re obsessed with the Victorian town too!

Leonora (WA)

Leonora is your typical western city for mining and exploration – but don’t you just love the name?

Isa (QLD)

Known as the ‘oasis of the outback’, Mount Isa is a gleaming mirage on the horizon for travellers from all directions. Perfect for a outback baby girl!

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