13 Annoying Questions You Get Asked When Planning A Wedding

As soon as that ring is on your finger, not only will you be sharing your proposal story over and over again, but you will also be getting some seriously annoying questions coming your way – it’s just the way it is and you’ll either love it or hate it (or both).

While most questions are coming from well-meaning friends and family members, they can be extremely frustrating and a little intrusive on top of the stress of wedding planning.

We’ve put together a list of the most frustrating, irritating and downright annoying things people will definitely say to you while planning your wedding – just to prepare you! (We still love you mum/aunty/sister/cousin/friend/person-we-haven’t-seen-in-2-years).

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Are You Going To Invite So-And-So?

This is just a polite way of guilt tripping you and your partner into inviting people you don’t want to (especially when it’s hundreds of dollars per head). Put your foot down with this question and so no to inviting your friends-mum’s-second-cousin. Unnecessary.

Do You Like Your Ring?

Would you really be wearing it if you didn’t? This is just plain annoying. Your opinion of your ring is between you and your partner, which means no one else needs to know how you feel about your rock (unless you want to tell them, in which case, whine away!).

What’s Your Budget?

It’s no one’s business how much or how little you plan on spending for your big day. They aren’t the ones paying for it, so why would they have to ask?

Where’s My Invite?


Have You Picked Your Bridesmaids Yet?

This question can become a little awkward, especially when you have already chosen them and intentionally left someone out. Don’t feel bad; this is your big day and you should do what you want.

Are You Excited?

Well, of course! You’re excited, stressed, crazy, mad and ecstatic all rolled into one. Who doesn’t know that?

You Do Know That 50% Of Marriages End In Divorce, Right?

No one needs that negativity around them when they are planning a wedding. Get out. Leave.

Where Are You Guys Going To Live?

Maybe you are saving for a place, maybe you are staying with the in-laws. Whatever you choose to do, it’s absolutely no one’s business.

Are You Pregnant?

What a way to make you feel like a whale just before you are about to wear the most important dress of your life. Even if you are pregnant, asking this question is just plain rude and intrusive.

When Are You Having Kids?

Sometimes this question comes from a place of love, but it can still feel a little pushy. As annoying as it is, don’t get too mad at this question.


  1. Why Are You Having Such A Long/Short Engagement?

Everyone has different lengths for their engagements. No matter how long or short, your engagement length is perfect for your relationship. Don’t let others make you feel bad.

Are You Having Cold Feet?

Yes, some people will actually ask you this question. It’s fodder for gossip, so best to not your waste time with this one.

Are You Planning On Losing Weight?

DON’T LET ANYONE MAKE YOU FEEL YOU HAVE TO. You do you and walk away from anyone who asks you this question … maybe uninvite them to your wedding.


Written by Ellen Kirkness 

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