You’re about to say ‘I Do’, but before you utter a word, make sure you’ve mastered these must-have life skills.

1. Sew a Button

There will come a time in every girl’s life when she needs to hem an outfit or sew on a button. Save yourself the expense of paying a tailor and learn this skill; stat.

2. Make a Signature Dinner

Sure you can cook 2-minute noodles, but can you prep a dinner without a recipe? Having a ‘signature’ dish that you can pull out whenever you need a delicious, but quick meal when friends come visit is a life skill you’ll use regularly.

3. Change a Light Globe

Moving out of home means a whole new range of chores to add to your list and unless you want to be left in the dark (literally), you need to learn to change a light globe.

1Michelle and Reinaldi’s wedding. Photography by Axioo

4. Pick a Ripe Avocado

Unless you want to return from the grocery store with a brown mess, you need to be able to tell whether your fruit and vegetables are ripe and avocados are one of the hardest ones to master. For the humble ‘avo’ peel back the small stem on the top of the avocado, if it comes off easily and is green, it’s ready to eat.

5. Get Health Insurance

If you haven’t had a quote and purchased health insurance before, now’s the time. Once you’re married, you’re generally not covered by your parent’s health insurance policy, so head online and find one that’s suited to you and your new hubby.

6. Do Basic Mathematics Without a Calculator

Whether you’re trying to calculate how much the little black dress will cost at a 20% off sale or you’re figuring out which brand of pasta is best value for money at the supermarket, you need to be able to work out basic sums without pulling a calculator from your handbag.

7. Choose a Quality Wine

Once you get married, you’ll find that instead of going to clubs and dancing, you and your friends will meet for dinner dates; this means you need to learn to pick a good wine. Start by visiting your local bottle shop and asking for assistance and advice.

8. Ride a Bike

Because, romantic picnics!

9. Grow Your Own Herbs

Get a green thumb and start your own herb garden. Seriously, do you know how much herbs are to buy at the supermarket?!

10. Remove Stains

Unless you’re planning on dry cleaning everything, you should learn how to hand wash your delicates and soak stained clothes.

11. Assemble a Flat Pack

Once you’re married, you’ll probably be moving in, or at least purchasing new furniture together. Flat packs is an art to master… good luck.

12. Use Both a Mac and a PC

Switching between Mac and PC is like learning a new language, but once you can do it, the world is your <technical> oyster.

2Image from Davina and Charlie’s wedding. Photography by Sue Robertson

Main image from Stephanie and Christian’s wedding. Photography by Irina Berestovskaya

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