12 Engagement Rings That Look Like JLO’s (And Won’t Cost $5 Million)

It was only yesterday when we were blessed with the news that the ultimate power couple, Jennifer Lopex and Alex Rodriguez, were engaged, and we haven’t stopped gushing about it since. From imagining what their wedding will be like to dreaming of these perfect parents adopting us as one of their own (we have no shame), we’re in J-Rod bliss.

But if there’s anything that excites us more than a celebrity proposal, it’s seeing the engagement ring. Celebs certainly know how to go big when it comes to diamonds, so we always expect something that’s beautiful – and at least the size of our fist and A-Rod has certainly met our expectations.

The diamond stunner is huge and is a spectacularly sparkling emerald cut. According to some expert jewellers, the diamond looks to be between 11 and 15 carats and possibly worth up to $5 million. Whoa.


 While us normal humans can’t quite guarantee a diamond of that calibre for ourselves, we can get somewhat close. Take a look at the engagement rings that look like JLO’s, but without the price tag.

Emerald Cut

This is as close as we get to JLO’s ring. These rings have one large emerald cut diamond without an added halo.

Emerald Cut With Halo

Halo’s are perfect for anyone with a smaller diamond, as they can create the illusion of a much bigger stone. Here are some of our top picks.

A Little Bit Special

For a lady that loves the emerald cut, but would prefer to stand out with something a little bit more unique, these are the rings for you. From coloured stones to mixed metals, these rings are just that little bit special.

Cover photo by: @arod

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