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Not all girls are jumping on the blushing bride beauty look; so before you book your makeup for the big day, take some inspiration from these 12 exotic looks from around the globe.

1. Yemen

Yemenite Jews wear a tall triangular headdress surrounded by fresh flowers with basil and rue hanging from the sides to protect from the evil eye.  The bride is adorned with jewellery, bells and layers of necklaces that represent ultimate beauty. Yemenite Jewish brides take advantage of their wedding day because it’s the only time they can be elaborately dressed up. We think they look exquisite!

yemeniImage from National Geographic

2. Djibouti

Eastern African brides from the Afar tribe in Djibouti are transformed into exotic goddesses on their wedding day. The brides are embellished with an array of jewellery decorating their faces, necks, arms and pierce their noses before their special day. The jewellery is their dowry and this is a sign of wealth.

DjiboutiImage from Pinterest

3. Bulgaria

White face paint, sequins, flowers, necklaces and decorations galore! These exquisite Pomak brides hail from the small village of Ribnovo in Bulgaria and their tradition dates back to centuries. The bride is decorated with her eyes closed and must not open them until she has been blessed by the Imam (a Muslim cleric).

bulgariaImage from darkroom.baltimoresun.com

4. Kosovo

The Albanian Terbesh brides take face painting to a whole other level! This tribe hails from the Donje Ljubinje town in Kosovo and the meticulous painting of intricate designs (including these incredible sequined eyebrows) is believed to ward of the evil eye and promote a happy life. The wedding dress also features five to six layers of heavy, hand-made costumes.

kosovoImage from National Geographic

5. Morocco

If you want to feel like a queen on your wedding day, then a Moroccan wedding is right up your alley! From the luxurious garments to the sumptuous headpieces, a Moroccan bride is the epitome of royalty.

moroccoImage from claire-morgan.com

6. Kenya

Kenya is a melting pot of vibrant colours and exotic culture so we expected nothing less for the bride! The Kenyan Maasai bride is adorned with exquisite wedding finery with every piece of jewellery having a cultural significance behind it.

kenyaImage from spherelife.com

7. Korea

Contemporary Korean brides are a mix between Western culture and traditional Korean customs. They wear a white gown before changing into a Hanbok for the party. Red dots are either stuck or painted on the bride’s face to ward off evil spirits.

japanImage from flickr.com

8. India

Heavy eyes, bold lips and embellished earrings, nose rings and headpieces are essentials for any traditional Indian bride.


Image from makeupguru.com.au

9. Japan

Traditional brides usually wear a wig with a white silk headdress (tsunokakushi) that is worn to hinder any feelings of jealousy and ego the bride may have and symbolise her transition into an obedient wife. The makeup is kept clean and simple with a bright red lip, pink cheeks and defined brows.


Image from andyserrano.deviantart.com

10. China

Who said white was the only colour? It’s all about the reds and golds in China! Red symbolises prosperity and the gown is adorned with gold and silver stitching of intricate designs such as the legendary Chinese dragon. The makeup is kept simple with red lips and a porcelain, matte complexion.china

Image from theweddingscoop.com

11. Indonesia

The Suntiang is a majestic and decadent headpiece made up of steel, aluminium and gold and is worn by brides from the Minang tribe in West Sumatra. These stunning headpieces can weigh up to five kilos!indonesia

Image from asiafinest.com

12. Nigeria

The Nigerian Edo bride looks regal, wearing woven coral beads as her headpiece, necklace, bracelet and earrings.

nigeriaImage misszeeee.wordpress.com

Main image from Makeup Guru, Shakereen Chowdhury.


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