11 Wedding Details No One Thinks About

Weddings … they’re dramatic. Planning any type of wedding is a lot of work and every bride can recount at least one detail that went wrong on the big day. Whether your place cards are DIY from your local printer, or you’re weaving everyone’s name onto silk flown in from France, you’ve still gotta pick those suckers. And whether you’ll serve cake or crème brûlée, wear your hair up or down, the same holds true.

The importance of deciding on all these trivialities (definitely not trivial leading up to the big day) tends to hit brides-to-be like a proverbial tonne of bricks. The other realisation? All the details you actually missed.

Here are 11 wedding details no one thinks about.

Sunset Time

We know that the sun is the lighting source you’re all after. So make sure you know what time the sun will be going down at your wedding. Think picturesque outdoor images during the day and magically lit photos at sunset. Make sure you’re available at this time rather than, say, giving the MC every name from the bridal party.

Designate A Day-Of Point Person

Wedding days are a whirlwind and you probably won’t even have your phone on hand for most of it. It’s really important that you delegate a trustworthy friend or relative to be the point person. This means if any vendors or other people involved in pulling your wedding together need to get in contact with you, the point person handles all the interactions and decisions.

Choose A Photo Wrangler

The photo wrangler is the backbone of your wedding images because you want to make sure everyone is included. We suggest designating a sister, aunt or cousin who helps the photographer identify all the people that need to be in the ‘bride-with-her-eldest-uncle-plus-his-wife-and-kids’ shot. You can bet that you’ll stay on track with timing when there’s a photo wrangler.

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The Hard Part Isn’t Finding Your Wedding Dress

Once you find the one (we know that you know that we’re talking about the dress) it’s important to leave a time and money buffer for alterations. Whether you’re adding details, adjusting your bride-ready body or adding an extra layer of tulle, there is always something to be mindful of when creating your dream dress.

Who’s Picking Up Your Wedding Dress

This one is especially for the couples who are leaving to their honeymoon the next day. Arrange for someone to pick up your new husband’s tuxedo and your wedding dress from the hotel because no one likes extra baggage – literally. There definitely needs to be a strategy for where the dress is going or staying the next day.

Actually Eat Food

Now this ones a necessity, literally! The bride and groom almost always forget to, or don’t find the chance to, eat. We recommend a nice big breakfast and plenty of water! Plus snacks in all the transport vehicles so you can sneak a couple along the day.

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Don’t Forget Yourself When It Comes To Catering

Couples forget to add themselves in numbers when it comes to the final count with the caterer. So, make sure you take in your dietary preferences and include anyone that isn’t counted on the official guest list – we don’t need a hangry bridal party and we definitely don’t want a starving couple!

The Lighting

Lighting really sets the mood when it comes to wedding ambience. It is important to plan this as part of the venue. Do you want dim-lit romantic vibes to go with your chandeliers and Juliet balcony or bright lights that show off your floral installations and flawless makeup? Don’t forget to factor this in! Lighting sets the mood and you want it to match your vision.

Bring Flats

Even the strongest of women can’t deal with heels on their Big Day, and if you’ve stuck it out, you’re our hero. For the rest of us, a pair of dainty flats to slip into at the reception is probably going to be the most relief you’ll get all day. Plus, it gives you a chance to really have fun on the dance-floor, and we’d love to see you owning your Big Day.

Emergency Kit

Needle? Pin? String? Extra Lippie? Ibuprofen ? Band-aids? Water? Puffer? Scissors? All things that you suddenly need and can’t find on the wedding day. Cue, the emergency kit.


This one is a must! Plan to schedule some time-out for your newly-wedded selves away from the crowd. Whenever this is, it’s important to take in the whole day in a quiet place with your partner. Reflecting on the day will be an unforgettable moment.

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