We often hear about the downsides of being a bridesmaid, but it’s not that often that we talk about the perks. The most obvious one is the honour and memories that come from being asked by a close friend to stand by them for the biggest day of their life; but here are 11 seriously underrated parts of being a ‘maid.

1. Presents

From the moment she pops the ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ question, to the morning of the wedding, you’ll be inundated with gifts from the bride. Expect to receive jewellery (bonus points if it’s engraved with a cute friendship quote), flowers and chocolate. It’s almost like you’re being wooed by a super stylish man who knows your tastes to a tee!


Image from Megan and David’s wedding. Photography by Blumenthal.

2. Champagne on Tap

Those hours spent trawling boutiques to find the perfect wedding gown for your bestie can be a bore, until…. Champagne! Most bridal boutiques provide champagne on tap, so take advantage of it and sip the days away.

3. Taking the Relationship to the Next Level

If you and the bride haven’t become familiar with each other’s bathroom habits yet, you will now. On the wedding day, you’ll be visiting the toilets together holding each other’s dresses and undoing the myriad of pesky buttons, zips and ribbons that are holding you together. This is guaranteed to take your friendship to the next level.

4. Posing Like a Model With No Judgement

Being a bridesmaid is the one time that you can strike a pose whenever a camera comes into view and no-one will judge you for it. Duck face, here we come!


Image from Ashleigh and Ben’s wedding. Photography by Sehr Gut Josh.

5. Getting Hit on by a Hunky Groomsman

Nothing perks up your self-esteem more than having to brush off compliments from a man in a suit. From the moment you meet the groomsmen, to the night of the wedding, you’re sure to encounter a potential romance of your own…

6. You Can Wear a Super Short Mini Skirt

Ahh, the Hen’s Night. It’s the one time a bridesmaid can dress like a stripper and no one will bat an eyelid. Our tip is to don a sash, feather boa or any other tacky props you have so that the message is clear that you’re part of the Bachelorette Party.

7. Getting Glamourised

The week leading up to the wedding will be filled with visits to your beauty salon. You’ll be getting waxed, buffed and moisturised, your mani/pedi game will be on and your pores will never have looked so smooth.

8. You Get to Pretend You’re on a Runway

Before the bride takes all the attention, you’ll get your own 15-seconds of fame when you walk down the aisle. Ever wondered how Beyoncé feels when she takes the stage? Enjoy the moment when all eyes are on you and strut your stuff.

9. Your Profile Pic Will be Sorted

Finding the perfect profile pic for Facebook is hard. You need to look gorgeous, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. If you’re a bridesmaid, you’re problem will be solved. You’ll have so many gorgeous images of you post-wedding, that you won’t need to take another selfie until 2017.

10. Increasing Your Girl Squad

You’ll be bonding constantly with the other bridesmaids throughout the wedding planning process. Whether it’s to chat about the Hen’s Party or to whinge about the bride’s overbearing Mother-in-Law, those weekly phone calls can lead to new friendships.

11. You’ll Get a Gym Buddy

A wedding is the ultimate excuse to get into shape and being part of the bridal party almost guarantees that you’ll find an equally motivated bridesmaid to start heading to the local gym with you. Come the big day, there won’t be a ‘tuck shop arm’ in sight!


Image from Nastasia and John’s wedding. Photography by Aljosa Videtic

Main image from Megan and David’s wedding. Photography by Blumenthal.

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