11 Last-Minute Things Bridesmaids Should Do Before Walking Down The Aisle

Finally, the big day is here, and you’re ready to complete your Oscar-worthy bridesmaid role. You’ve spent months doing all the duties of a bridesmaid and now the big day is finally here.

In the final minutes before the Bridesmaids head into the ceremony, it’s not the time to relax; girls, here are 11 must-dos in the last few seconds.

Photographer:  Romy Lawrence Photography

Toilet Trip

With the joys that come with a wedding day, so do long hours with no bathroom access. It’s definitely worth a quick trip to the bathroom before the newlyweds to be say their “I do’s”. Save yourself the most uncomfortable sensation of ‘busting’ and take the quick toilet trip!


A perfume spritz goes a long way. Not only to freshen up but also when walking down the aisle, your scent lingering behind you… You’ll make the atmosphere that much more romantic. Who knows, if you’re single and you walk down the aisle smelling all beautiful, you may catch someone’s attention…


We can’t forget that lip touch-up! Smack on that lipstick or gloss and pout it like there’s no tomorrow. A lip touch-up is essential for photographs, we don’t want any bridesmaids looking anything but their best.

Hide a Tissue

Yes, a wedding is one of the happiest events to celebrate… But that doesn’t mean you won’t cry from happiness. Standing by your best friend, watching her embark on the next chapter of her life with the love of her life… Yep! You’re definitely going to need to have a tissue or two when those waterworks inevitably make an appearance.

Skull Some Water

Now we don’t want a tipsy bridesmaid, do we? Hydration is key to getting through this long day and when you’ve been sipping on champagne all morning you’ll definitely need some water!

Check Your Feet

There is nothing worse than walking in shoes that have given you blisters. Trust us, we know the pain! That’s why it’s essential to check on your feet and make sure that you have band-aids on hand so that when the time comes to walk down that aisle, you can strut it like a runway.

Breathe Deeply

It may not be your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have any nerves. Walking down the aisle with so many eyes on you can be extremely nerve-wracking, which is why taking the time to take deep breaths will help you compose yourself and calm down the butterflies.

Eat a Snack

You’ll definitely need a last-minute energy fix to get you through the next few hours. Something small like a protein ball, some nuts or even a sugar rush from your favorite lollies will do the trick! The next time you may get a chance to eat something may be the reception, so make sure you fill up before walking down the aisle.

Pop a Breath Mint

It never hurts to have minty-fresh breath, especially after you’ve had sweets and mimosas for breakfast! Having good breath will make you feel your best.

Mute the Mobile

Having your phone on mute or silent isn’t just for etiquette. Being in the moment and experiencing the wedding without being distracted by socials will make your day ultimately more enjoyable and memorable.

Be Present

These moments may only come once in a lifetime, so make sure that you savor every second and be really present in the event.

Feature image: Photographer, The Evoke Company 

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