These days, it’s hard to create a unique Wedding that will delight guests, but still be personal, but we’ve searched the globe and come up with 11 new, exciting and different ideas that will make your Wedding THE Wedding of the year.

1. Make Your Grandma the Flowergirl

This is perfect for ‘adults-only’ Weddings! Often, our Grandmas are left out of the Bridal party, however, enlisting your favourite Nan as a Flowergirl will create some magical photos (plus we bet she won’t be able to wipe the grin off her face all day).

grandmaImages from Allan Zepeda and Genevieve Leiper Photography.

2. Brunch Weddings

Hosting a Brunch Wedding will not only will you be one of the trend-setters of 2016, but you’ll also save a motza! Brunch Weddings are generally far less expensive than evening events and you can serve a range of yummy day-time treats like pancakes, waffles and granola.

brunchImage from Jess and Dean’s wedding. Photography by MaxPinitpong Photography

3 Food Trucks

We touched on this trend late last year and we’re sticking to our guns. Food trucks will be one of THE biggest trends this year. From tacos to burgers and soft serves, your guests will be love this delicious and photo-friendly snack stop.

truckImages from IntertwinedEvents.

4. Personalised Chucks

When your toes get tired on the Big Day, slip into these super cool personalised Converse sneakers. Not only will it mean you can spend an extra hour or two on the dance floor, but you’ll get loads of wear out of these long after the Wedding Day.

converseImages from 36th Street Events.com and Kelly Ewell Photography.

5. Prediction Cards

These are guaranteed to result in some serious giggles. Hand out ‘prediction cards’ to guests throughout the evening and ask them to fill them out. Include predictions like ‘how many children you’ll have’, ‘what their names will be ‘, ‘what’s the biggest thing the Bride and Groom will disagree on’ and ‘Who’ll have the biggest hangover’.

predictionsImages from Etsy and Red Fly Photography.

6. Guest Art

If you’re having an outdoor Wedding, this is a fantastic way to create a keepsake. Have a canvas set up and attached paint-filled balloons to it. Throughout the day, invite guests to throw darts at the balloons. At the end of the night, you’ll have an abstract work of art to cherish.

balloonImages from Katelyn James Photography.

7. Signed Heels

Ask your Bridesmaids to sign the bottom of your Wedding Shoes. The word is that whoever’s name doesn’t rub off by the end of the night is next to get married.

shoesImages from 13:13 Photography and Fuccis Photos

8. Bridal Portrait

One of the most beautiful and memorable gifts you can give yourself is an illustrated portrait of you and the Groom and with so many talented local artists, we guarantee you won’t have to look far.

illustrationImages from Alexandra Nea and Aaron Favaloro (photography by Love Note Photography).

9. Balloon Tribe

If you’re guests are walking from the ceremony to the reception, have helium balloons for them to carry. Not only does this make a great photo opp, but it will make sure no one gets lost on the way.

balloonsImages from Etsy and Tres Sugar.

10. Personalised Place Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is the adult party game that everyone’s playing at the moment, so incorporate it into your Wedding by giving each guest a personalised escort or place card with their name on the back. They can then add this to the pack of their own Cards Against Humanity game set.

cardsagainstImages from Alicia K Designs and Custom Cards Against Humanity.

11. Breakfast Bomboniere

We all know that the day after the Wedding is bound to be a bit rough. Too many cocktails and champagne can lead to a sore head, so leave guests with a breakfast pack bomboniere complete with a cinnamon scroll, protein ball, pastry and coffee beans as a take-home gift.

coffeeImage from Etsy.

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