The truth is that it’s easy for the Wedding to become a total Bride-fest and unintentionally, the Groom can often get left by the wayside; when, really, the Wedding should celebrate the love that TWO people share. That being said, here are some subtle ways to acknowledge both the Mr and Mrs on your Big Day.

1. Shoes

Secret engravings on the soles of your shoes are kind of the sweetest thing ever… right?

1Image from Signature Production & Events

2. His and Hers Chairs

These signs are a chic nod to your new ‘Mr and Mrs’ status, whether you opt for the traditional prefix or an alternative phrase.

2Image from tulleandchantilly.com and Lane Dittoe

3. Matching Rings

Small details like having your partner’s fingerprint engraved into your own ring or get matching tattooed bands can be a subtle acknowledgment to being newlyweds.

3Images from serendipitydiamonds.com  andoffbeatbride.com

4. Wedding Vows

Consider having your vows converted into a piece of artwork to hang in your home! If you don’t like the idea of having the words printed, you can send the audio of the vows to businesses who can now turn them into sound vibration artworks!

4Image from .bespokenart.com

5. Double Desserts

A ‘his and hers’ theme is easy to incorporate throughout your desserts: Think Bride and Groom chocolate strawberries or one dessert that is known as his favourite and another which is yours!

5Images from bakingmywaythroughgermany.com and brittanyerwinphotography.com

6. Bride/Groom Bling

Whether it be cufflinks for him or a delicate necklace for her, you can let the world know you’re ‘Mr and Mrs’ with these cute accessories.

6Image from .notonthehighstreet.com and etsy.com

7. Favours

Rather than opt for something generic, these ‘Mr and Mrs’ favours are a simple way to acknowledge both bride and groom when it comes to your guests’ keepsakes.

7Images from ebay.co.uk and Hannah Colclazier Photography

8. Cake Toppers

Nothing says his and hers like a personalised cake topper.

8Images from notonthehighstreet.com

9. Couple Cocktails

We love the idea of serving his and her favourite cocktails to your guests for a more personal touch.

9Image from southernbrideandgroom.com

10. Fragrance

Wearing his and hers scents can be something you both decide in advance, as it will forever be a smell that you associate with the big day.

10Calvin Klein Eternity Now

11. Bathrobes

Everyone ensures that the bride gets primped in comfort, but the groom tends to get forgotten. These his and hers bath robes are too cute for words.

11Image from personalisedfavours.com.au

Main image from Danielle and Scott’s Wedding. Photography by Akaphon Phototgrapy.

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