11 Hilarious Stories Of Kids Ruining Wedding Days

Look, we think kids are fantastic. We celebrate them everyday on Bubz Wonderland and we love sharing stories of motherhood and how much light and love children can bring into your life.

But let’s be real – not every child is angelic. That’s not to take away any love we feel for the kids in our lives; we’re just being realistic. Children sometimes don’t know any better when it comes to social cues and their unfailing honesty can be as endearing as it is cutthroat.

So, it’s no surprise that some couples may choose not to allow anyone under 16 – or even 12 – to attend their wedding. It may seem harsh to some, but everyone has their reasons.

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No Speech For You

“A group of about 5 kids decided that they’d start play-fighting right as the best man started his speech. They weren’t listening to their parents and ended up running between tables while one of the dad’s started to chase them.”

Dry Ice Hazard

“We tell the MC to make an announcement that all parents please hold onto their kids for bridal waltz. As soon as we start the dry ice, they come from everywhere to touch it. It ruins the bridal waltz photo when there are kids laying on the floor.”

The Footloose Situation

“Kids destroyed my wedding – we Albanians have a tradition where we dance in a circle, but kids everywhere didn’t let people dance. Oh god, they were jumping everywhere.”

Nasal Excavation

“My flowergirl wouldn’t stop picking her nose, even when it was photo time. We had to hold her arm down and make it look natural.”

Sleepy Time

“Our 3-year-old pageboy decided the back of my dress was a great spot to take a nap … halfway through the ceremony. It was cute though.”

Stage Fright

“Both the flowergirl and pageboy got major stage fright right before they had to walk into the reception hall and ended up clawing their way out of it. They literally wriggled out of everyone’s hands and hid behind the doors until their mothers came and walked them down themselves.”

Third Wheel

“My son wanted to join in on our first dance, so he squeezed himself between us and hung onto my leg as we tried to sway.”

Toppling Cake

“I once went to a wedding where a kid kept playing with the tablecloth of the cake table. It was a pretty lowkey wedding so the cake wasn’t closely guarded or anything. One minute it was there, the next it was all over the floor on the little boy’s suit. It didn’t go down well.”


“My cousin loves to bring up the time when he was about five and a page boy and he vomited on the dancefloor. Not just that, but he was being held up by his dad and ended up vomiting all over him.”

Is It Over Yet?

“When we were getting married, some kid in the Church said out loud, “Ugh, is it finished yet?”

And Finally, The Ultimate Tantrum

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