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A pretty envelope, addressed to you, with a joint address on the back. For some singles girls it’s a chance to dress up and meet new people, for others it can be their worst nightmare.

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Regardless, here are ten thoughts that every single lady has when receiving a wedding invite.

1. Woah, there’s mail? The only mail I usually get are K-Mart catalogs and pizza coupons (I think we both know which one I keep and which one gets trashed…)

2. A wedding, so exciting! I’m sure I’ll be available in July 2017, let me just check my diary (said no one ever). I can’t even plan what I’m eating for dinner tonight, let alone my diary for two years’ time.

3. There’s goes another $200 on a dress I’ll wear once. Crap, my ex is going to be there; make it $350 on the dress and $150 on diet shakes.

4. I’d better hit the gym this week. Oohh, is that a doughnut?

5. It says plus one. Do you think I can bring my cat? I’ll be mortified if I have to call my cousin to be my date AGAIN.

6. It’s not weird to Facebook stalk the groomsmen and list according to eligibility, is it?

7. If I go alone, does that mean I only have to spend half the amount on a present?

8. I should get in early before all the cheap stuff is taken on the gift registry. Who actually uses a wine decanter, anyway?

9. OK, the crockery doesn’t seem too expensive. I’ll get them some plates! Wait, what? That’s the price PER plate?

10. Suck it up princess, you never know; in a decade or two it might be your turn…

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