10 romantic ways to celebrate the New Year with your new partner

10 romantic ways to celebrate the New Year with your new partner

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration and anticipation for the new year ahead and all the experiences that will come with it. For new couples, it is especially exciting to look forward to what is to come. So we’ve put together a list of ten romantic ways for you and you partner to bring in the new year.

1. Spend an evening in together at home

This idea might seem a bit boring, but what could be more intimate than spending a night in with your loved one? Better yet, spent over a lush home-cooked meal with good wine and bubbles to bring in the new year? Turn your phones off and skip the parties. Focus on each other and make the celebration all about the two of you.

Home Cooked Meal

2. Go on a staycation

It’s fun to celebrate with your friends, but what if you could spend a few days together in a luxe apartment or house near the beach? This is a great option for a tight budget where you want to get away, but don’t have the cash to travel overseas.

Couple holiday

3. Go for a midnight stroll

There is something very romantic about having a good conversation while walking with a loved one. When it’s about to hit midnight why not spend the night walking around town, chatting and people watching. You can aimlessly walk and follow what exciting adventures are shown your way – you never know what adventure might come your way!

Couple night walk

4. Make goals together

Talking about your goals over wine or bubbles and nibbles may not sound very thrilling, but when it’s about your future with your loved one it can be. Come up with a list of common goals and discuss how you can achieve them, either together, or in support of the other. Creating common resolutions can be a great way to bring you together.


5. Spend it in bed

As a new couple, what better way could there be than to spent a night than in the most intimate room in your home, the bedroom. Getting intimate is a truly romantic way to set the mood for the next 12 months. Spice things up a bit by lighting some candles and putting on some soft music while you shower together and then head for the bed.

Couple cuddles in bed

6. Pamper each other

Grab some massage oils and turn on some soothing, romantic music. Spend the evening giving each other massages in front of the crackling fire while listening to your favourite music. It’s a relaxing, sensual way to celebrate the end of the year. Don’t forget to bring out the wine and cheese to really celebrate.

Couple massage

7. Burn up all your arguments

In the minutes before midnight, each person can write down their biggest pet peeves that involve the other person. You don’t have to show them to each other, just make a list of the issues that you tend to fight about. At the stroke of midnight, toss them into a fire and watch them burn.


8. Have a games night

Pull out all the classic board games that you have stowed away in the cupboard, or set-up a gaming system that you have. Playing games is a good option for those with children, since you can still have a romantic evening at home without a babysitter.

Couple Games Night

9. Have a midnight picnic

What can be more romantic than a midnight picnic in summer? Pack up a basket of tasty treats, with some fancy wine or bubbles and head to your favourite picnic spot to watch the fireworks and enjoy the intimate time together.

Couple Picnic

10. Watch romantic movies

Or just watch each other’s favourite movies. What better way to spent a night than sharing each other’s passions? Curl up on the couch with some popcorn and wine to enjoy the evening. And we all know how a typical night of Netflix and chill ends 😉

Couple watching movies

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