The months leading up to the wedding become a blur of emotions but, after the excitement of the Big Day, what really happens?  We often talk about the planning process, the vows and the reception, however so many brides aren’t sure what to expect when it comes to the morning after. We’ve done some digging and put together 10 very different, but very real perspectives of the morning after the wedding.

1. “We had a destination wedding, so the morning after, we woke up late, ordered room service and went for a snorkel – just the two of us. Perfect way to start a marriage.”3

2. “My new husband and I were awoken at 5am with a fire alarm in the hotel. In my dazed ad confused state, all I can remember is yelling at him to ‘save the dress’. We had to stand on the street for a good 30-minutes in our pyjamas. Memorable.”

3“. We flew straight to our honeymoon after the wedding, so when we woke, we were on a beach in Fiji.”

4. “We crawled out of our hotel bed 15-minutes before check-out wearing big sunnies and feeling like hell. Because we missed the hotel breakfast, we stopped for McDonald’s on the way home.”2

5. “My new husband and I have a six-month old, so after the wedding we were exhausted. I seriously wish I had taken up my in-laws offer to babysit the bub on the night of the wedding.”

6. “After the wedding, we literally did nothing. The wedding night was so loud, exciting and overwhelming that the day after all we craved was silence and each other’s company.”

7. “We had a beach-side villa and the morning after the wedding, we were still running on adrenaline; so my husband and I stripped off and ran into the water naked. The sun was just rising and I’m pretty sure no one else was awake yet…”


8. “We had organised to meet with close family and friends for a brunch. Although it was a good idea to spend time with those we love, I would recommend waiting until the evening, or even a few days after the wedding. We were both so tired, I don’t know whether we were good company.”

9. “We were so hungover that for the entire day after the wedding, my husband and I laid in bed. The only time we got up was to answer the door to the pizza delivery guy.”

10. “We left the reception just after midnight and I hadn’t had a chance to eat all night. Unfortunately, the only food that was readily available was wedding cake, so I ended up eating about four slices. I now wish I’d taken advantage of the 3-course meal at the reception.”


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