10 Questions To Ask Your Jeweller When Engagement Ring Shopping

If there’s one thing that we know about weddings (and we know a lot), it’s that preparation is key. So even before you’ve decided on what to do for the big bash, you should have a firm grasp on every step along the way – most importantly, your engagement (you can’t have a wedding without an engagement, right?)

Buying an engagement ring, or any sort of fine jewellery, is no small feat. You need to be aware of certain factors, including your budget and the desired style, as well as sorting out a time frame from when you’ll be purchasing the ring up until when you’ll propose.

Before you begin the hunt for the perfect ring, you’ll need to find a jeweller you can trust. An engagement is a moment in life that bears a lot of emotional significance, so you’ll want to be sure you’re putting your time and money into a business that has your best interests at heart.

Diamond World Fine Jewellery

Diamond World Fine Jewellery have been creating bespoke jewellery for 20 years, with Master Jeweller Jim Chohaili inheriting his expertise from the seven generations of family jewellers that came before him. Living and breathing all things diamonds, Jim and the Diamond World Fine Jewellery team are as fascinated and enthusiastic about crafting only the finest jewellery as they were 20 years ago.

We spoke to Diamond World to find the questions you should be asking your jeweller.

Do You Engrave?

You may want to add a more personal touch to the engagement ring, and engraving is a subtle way of including a quote or date that is important to you and your partner. Engraving is one of Diamond World’s many service inclusions, one which they can arrange for you before your ring is complete, or after, if you want to modify an existing ring.

Are There Limits To Resizing a Ring?

When it comes to the size of a ring, it’s best to know beforehand what will fit. For those who are unsure about the size, a general rule of thumb is to go slighter larger rather than smaller. This is because making a ring smaller is an easier process than trying to make it bigger. Diamond World are able to resize your ring, though the lengths of which depend on your ring’s setting and design.

What Kind Of Insurance Do You Suggest?

As your diamond ring is meant to last you a lifetime, it’s wise to invest in insurance that will cover you in case of loss or damage as soon as possible. Diamond World advises anyone purchasing a ring to either add it to their existing home and contents insurance or take out separate policies with Diamond World’s preferred insurance provider.

Diamond World Fine Jewellery

How Often Does My Ring Need To Be Cleaned? What Are Your Maintenance Services?

Just as it’s important to insure your ring against damage, it’s equally as important to ensure you’re on top of it’s upkeep. Diamond World’s GIA certified stones are of the highest quality, but nonetheless they do advise getting your ring cleaned every three months in order to maintain the ring’s warranty. When you bring your jewellery in for maintenance, Diamond World will clean, polish and check the setting to ensure it’s just as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Where Do You Source Your Diamonds From?

Diamond World sources only the best diamonds from around the world, all of which come with a GIA assessment and grading report so you know all about the quality of your ring. Among their collection is the more rare pink diamond, sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Kimberley, Western Australia.

Diamond World Fine Jewellery

Can I Upgrade My Ring Later On?

Styles and taste can change over time, so you may find that you want to remodel or upgrade your ring after some time. Diamond World can remodel your old ring or family heirlooms depending on what you’re after.

What Are Your Payment Options?

As one of the larger purchases you’ll make in your life, it’s important to save up your money before heading off and buying a ring. Have a budget planned and do your best to stick to it; Diamond World offer flexible finance options for customers, as well as a layby program so you can pay off your ring at your own pace.

Diamond World Fine Jewellery

What Extra Services Do You Offer?

Buying a ring from a jeweller isn’t just a one-off experience. With maintenance and care in mind, you’ll want to find a jeweller that goes the extra way to ensure that your special piece of jewellery will last you a lifetime. Diamond world offer a range of services to help with your upkeep., including:

Is There A Return and Exchange Policy?

Purchasing an engagement ring bears a lot of importance, and you need to be sure you’re investing in the right piece as the choice is often final. Diamond World offer exchanges on jewellery, and no refunds.

Do You Offer To Store The Ring Until I’m Ready To Propose?

Sometimes you want to get the hard part (that is, finding the ring) out of the way so you can focus on the best part (your proposal). In this case, you’ll want to make sure your ring is in a safe place until the right moment. Diamond World can securely store your ring for you until you’re ready to propose.

Diamond World Fine Jewellery

Diamond World Fine Jewellery are experts in crafting the perfect, custom-made piece for life’s special moments. Visit www.diamondworldfinejewellery.com.au now to book your complimentary one-on-one consultation with Master Craftsman, Jim Chohaili.

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