Most brides are so caught up in the preparation for their Big Day, that when their Big Night comes around, there’s a whole lot of unanswered questions. Whether your first night as husband and wife is truly your ‘first’, or whether the two of you are seasoned pros, here are 10 of the biggest questions you’ll have.

1. Am I a Bad Bride if We Don’t Get it On?

This question has haunted brides for generations! There’s actually a really high chance (over 50%) that you and your new hubby won’t do the deed.You’ll both be exhausted and tipsy, so don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourselves to perform; you have the rest of your lives to make up for it. Ultimately, NO, you’re not a bad bride; in fact you’re completely normal.

2. Should I Do Any Special Prep Down-Under?

Most brides will just get some lady-scaping on the downstairs area (a trim and bikini wax), but this is completely up to what you feel comfortable with. if you’re feeling confident or want to try something different, consider a Brazilian (all hair removed) or even bring on the bling by getting Vajazzled (diamontes stuck on your lady bits).

3. Do I Need Special Lingerie?

It’s always nice to have some beautiful lingerie tucked away, but whether you’ll actually wear it on the wedding night is a different story. It depends on the style and cut of your wedding gown, but a majority of brides will be limited to the underwear they can wear throughout the day. Most of the time, it will be a combination of very un-sexy Spanx and some sort of backless, strapless, low-cut, push-up bra in nude. Our tip is to invest in beautiful lingerie, but don’t get upset if you don’t wear it on the wedding night.1

4. It’s My First Time, What Do I Do?

There are still so many brides who wait for their wedding night to have sex and whether it’s for religious, cultural or personal reasons, it can still be daunting. My advice is to talk to a female friend or relative about your concerns and if you’re worried about what your future husband expects, try and bring it up with him prior to the wedding night. Having both of you on the same page will make the evening far less nerve-wracking.

5. We Live Together, Do We Really Need a Hotel Room?

Trust me on this one; no matter how close the wedding reception is to your home, you’ll regret it if you don’t organise a hotel room for you and your husband the night of the wedding. It’s such a special day for the two of you, keep the romance going by having a gorgeous room waiting for you at the end of it. Also, nothing is better than a post-wedding hotel buffet breakfast.

6. What Should I Pack?

When you’re prepping for your wedding night, pack some heavy duty makeup remover (you’ll need it by the truckload), a detangler or conditioner (to help brush out your hair style), pajamas, a comfortable change of clothes for the next morning, a toothbrush, contraception (if needed) and snacks (muesli bars and nuts) just in case you arrive back at the room starving!

7. What if it’s Not WOW?

If you and your hubby do end up making love on the wedding night, don’t be surprised if it’s not the earth-shattering moment you were expecting. Practice makes perfect…


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