10 Midnight Snacks For Your Wedding Guests

Weddings are hungry work, especially if you’re a guest. A tiny canapé won’t satisfy the hunger you’ve worked up while tearing up the dance floor. You want something a bit cheeky and down-right yummy to fill your belly.

Bride Eating McDonalds

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Midnight-snack-style foods are a fun way to keep your guests full and happy at your wedding and with food trucks taking the world by storm, they’re super trendy too.

Here are ten midnight snacks for your wedding guests (warning: this post will make you VERY hungry).

Mini Cheeseburgers

A cheeseburger is a staple of the midnight snack. We are pretty sure it’s the reason why McDonald’s is always open. Hand out mini cheeseburgers at your reception and watch the everyone’s eyes light up.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Warm up your guests with a milky hot chocolate. Take these beverages to the next level by adding whipped cream, mini-marshmallows, and Nutella, or set up a bar so every guest gets what they want.

Hot Chocolate Bar

via Little Spice Jar


We all scream for ice-cream, right? Ice-cream is an excellent addition to any summer wedding. Whether it’s fresh gelato, ice-cream sandwiches, or chocolate dipped paddle pops; they will be an instant crowd pleaser.

Carmela Ice Cream Co. Cart

via My Domaine

Donut Wall

Donuts are making a comeback! They are no longer just the food of choice for police officers and Homer Simpson; your guests will love them too. Great creative with how you arrange them. We’re fans of stacking or hanging.

Chocolate Fountain

Have a Willy Wonka moment by including a chocolate fountain at your reception. Supply your guests with fruit, marshmallows, pretzels, and lollies. Just remember, there will be no Oompa Loompas on standby to rescue your guests if they get stuck in the fountain.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

via Tara Milk Tea


With never-ending to-do lists and the invention of Netflix, going to the movies is a luxury these days, meaning we’re deprived of fresh, buttery popcorn. Surprise your guests with an old fashion popcorn cart or provide little buckets of caramel popcorn. This delicious snack will not only taste great but smell seriously good too.

Popcorn Machine

via Unpredictable Mom


Who would say no to a slice of pizza? Pizza will have your guests drooling and a woodfire oven is a great source of warmth if you’re throwing a winter wedding. This one is a no-brainer. The hardest decision you’ll make is whether to allow pineapple on pizza.

Mac and Cheese

The only cheesiness at your wedding should be the macaroni kind. Keep things simple with the classic mac and cheese, then allow your guest to load it up with toppings such as bacon, Parmesan breadcrumbs, and fresh chives.



Tacos are just a vehicle of guacamole. Have a variety of meats and spice levels to suit all taste buds. To all our veggie and vegan brides out there, this is a great one for you because you can customise the tacos to suit your dietary preferences.


via Pinch of Yum

Cereal Station

Does anyone actually eat cereal at breakfast? Set up a bar with all the cereals you weren’t allowed as a kid; we’re talking Coco Pops and Fruit Loops galore.

Written by Sarah Mourtos

Feature image by Siempre Weddings

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