10 Items To Have In Your Bridal Bag

Be prepared for any wedding day disasters and prepare your bridal bag before the big day.

A bridal bag is a must on your wedding day, and no, not to accessorise, by as a very well needed wedding-emergency kit just in case disaster strikes.

Don’t be alarmed Fairies, all that’s to it is some essentials that may be needed just in case any unwarranted accidents occur on your big day.

So be prepared, we have listed for all the necessities to include in your bridal bag.

Sewing Kit 

If you come across any tears or loose threads, a sewing kit is vital and will definitely save the day for the whole bridal party. Sewing needles, safety pins, a small pair of scissors, hem tape and thread is essential, just make sure it is the same colour as the bride and bridesmaids gowns or the groom/groomsmen’s suits.

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Fan & Umbrella 

Weather is unpredictable, so be prepared! A fan is necessary for us sweaters, so even a mini electrical one is perfect to cool down from the overwhelming stress the day brings! On the other hand, umbrellas are also vital in the instance of rain, as we don’t want to risk fuzzy hair or damp clothes on our special day.


Touchups are vital when you’re constantly being photographed, and you will be glad your survival kit contains lipstick, powder, mascara, or whatever it may be to be photo-ready at all times.

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Clear nail polish

If you notice a tear in your stockings, clear nail polish might come in handy. The smart trick prevents runs in your stockings by coating clear nail polish on the tear.

Bottle of Water

Your wedding day will be overwhelming, and the benefits of water can really help. Having some water on hand, especially when you’re off taking photos, will prevent dehydration, and calm some nerves.


With the excitement of the wedding day, we tend to forget to eat before the ceremony. Although we try to prevent bloating in order to fit into our dresses, consuming food is important to avert from fainting. So pack a few lollies or a muesli bar in your bridal bag on stand-by.

Hair Accessories 

Bobby pins, hair ties, hairspray and a comb are essential to maintaining your perfect wedding hair! With headpieces, veils and a long day of celebrating, you want to make sure your hair remains unblemished at all times.


Wedding days are emotional, and although shedding a tear or two is inevitable, carrying a mini-pack of tissues might come in handy.


Deodorant & Perfume

Put some deodorant and your best-smelling perfume into your bridal bag to ensure you smell great throughout the day, from the ceremony to the reception, so you can dance the night away with no worry.

Mints & Floss 

You’ll be talking a lot on your wedding day, from the vows, to greeting guests to a few kisses here and there, so make sure you’re prepared! Maintain your sparkling smile with mints and floss, and you’ll thank us for it.


Cover photo by: Weddingbee 

Written By Chante El-Zoghbi 

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