You’ve spent hours perfecting exactly what type of blooms to include, days pondering over colour combinations and weeks practicing how to hold them, but after the wedding day, no one ever seems to know what to do with their bouquet!

If you’re can’t bear the thought of throwing them in the trash, take a leaf (geddit?) out of our book and try one of these 10 smart ways to preserve your posies.

1. Trim the ends

People always say it, but we never really do it. Cutting the stems on a 45-degree angle under flowing water allows the flowers to absorb more food and nutrients! Especially after drying out all day at the wedding.


2. Changing it up

As the flowers release sap into the water, slime builds up in the vase which reduces the flowers life. To prevent this, change the water every day and clean the vase with warm soapy water to reduce slime build up!

3. SBV

Flowers in vases also fall prey to nasty bacteria. To keep it away, a special blend consisting of 1tsp sugar, bleach and white vinegar to the water before the flowers are in to keep the bacteria away.


4. Use local flowers

Australia is home to some amazing indigenous flowers. Waratahs, banksias and proteas are as tough as they come. When coupled with gum nuts, boronias and thryptomenes they make a stunning arrangement that will last for weeks in a vase!

5. Keeping it cool

They may look beautiful glistening in the crackling firelight, by the window or next to a candle, but most flowers can’t handle the intense and constant heat from fires and heaters. Flowers last longer in the cold, so storing them in a cool dry area will lengthen their life!


6. Vodka

You better believe it! A few drops of vodka with a teaspoon of sugar both kills the bacteria build up in the water, and feeds the flowers at the same time. What a versatile spirit! But then again, we already knew that 😉

7. Paper Bouquet

A bouquet made of paper is not as traditional, but they can look just as good and it will last forever!


8. Sprite

This classic soft drink and its citrus elements go perfect in controlling the ph levels of the water within the flower vase. Add one part sprite with 3 parts water and a few drops of bleach and have your flowers loving life!

9. Florist’s recipe

The professionals have a bucket load of flower food at the florist. Just kindly ask the florist for extra packets because you change the water every day, and feed your flowers as per the recommendation!


10. Let them dry out

Dried flowers always have their charm. Just hang your bouquet upside down in a cool dry place away from sunlight for 2-4 weeks. When they are dried, spray them with hairspray to help them keep their shape!



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