Summer is coming and we’re prepping up for a record breaking-wedding season! Because there’s so many bride’s saying ‘I do’ over the coming months, it makes it even harder to make your wedding stand-out, so we’ve found some of the coolest and cutest wedding ideas you have!

1. Lawn Games

This couldn’t get any more cute if we tried. Imagine having your guest frolicking about with parasols and punch as they play badminton on your reception lawn?


Image from Bells at Killcare Boutique Hotel, Restaurant & Spa

2. Relief Station

There’s nothing worse than having mosquitoes ruin your outdoor wedding, so why not give your guests the option to escape their grasp in a cute way!


Image from huffingtonpost.co.uk

3. Ice Cream

Who needs cake when you can have an ice-cream station on hand at your wedding?! Refresh your guests with nostalgia and gelato!


Image from bakedbyjoanna.com

4. Watermelon Poles

When you think of summer you think of watermelon, when you think of watermelon you think of sticky fingers – that was until some genius thought of putting an icy pole stick in the bottom!


Image from myfussyeater.com

5. Punchbowl Baby

There is nothing a good punch bowl can fix. Especially if the day is hot and it’s jam packed with fruit, not to mention with mason jars at the ready!


Image from booktrib.com

6. Wedding Party Playsuits

Just imagine the adorable photos of you and your bridesmaids wearing playsuits down the aisle? If it’s anything like the one below we are sold!


Images from Alice McCall

7. Alcoholic Icy Poles Tubes

Icy deliciousness coupled with alcohol, AND it keeps your guests cool on your summer day.


Image from thelittleepicurean.com

8. Fan Program

To keep your guests from walking to and from the program board, have it available at their seat that also doubles as a fan on a warm summers day!


Image from ruiyichem.com

9. Parasoles

This ones for the ladies, but also the men if they fancy it. Having parasols available not only keeps the guests shaded from the sun, but also doubles as an amazing prop in your wedding photos.


Image from blackfeatherfarmny.com

10. Sparkler Send Off

Imagine the photos, need we say more?


Image from huffingtonpost.co.uk

Main image from Sivan and Paul’s wedding. Photography by Adonis Kekidakis.

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