10 Fun Ways To Share Fast Food On Your Wedding Day

Everyone loves fast food. It’s a well-known fact and even those who say they don’t like fast food, deep down they like it, they just won’t admit it!

Because fast food is so loved, and fast, it has become a staple part of every event, regardless of whether or not you’re the guest or the star of the show. It’s like some sort of unspoken rule, a tradition almost, and even though we all love it, there’s only one thing better than fast food before or after an event, and that’s fast food during an event.

Give your guests something to talk about at your wedding by offering some sort of fast food goods that you know they’ll love. Check out these range of options!

1. Food Trucks

Food trucks are perfect to include at your outdoor wedding, and they require absolutely no effort from you, which is always a plus. From Asian cuisines to fried chicken or Mexican street food, the options for food trucks are endless, and the only trouble you’ll have is picking which one to have.



2. Fairy Floss Machine

There’s always something magical about watching sugar turn into fine strands of fairy floss, which makes hiring a machine for your wedding a great way to get all the adults excited. Need we say more?


3. Slushie Machine

Speaking of machines, a slushie machine might be the greatest thing you can offer at your wedding, especially if it’s on a hot summers day. What better way to cool down?


4. Bagel Station

Put together some bagels, different fillings, both sweet and savoury, add a few pretty bits and bobs for decoration, and you’ve got yourself a bagel station! Guests will absolutely love this, and it’ll be perfect to have at a day wedding, or just outside the ceremony for a yummy morning snack.

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5. Doughnuts

We’re putting our foot down on this one, but doughnuts are an absolute must at every event, thank you very much. Whether you have a doughnut station, have doughnut favours, or a spectacular doughnut wall, you can’t go wrong and your guests will undoubtedly be pleased.


6. Hot Chips

Instead of the fancy schmancy hors d’oeuvres that usually get served at a wedding, why not have waiters carry around cones of hot chips? They’re the perfect snack, and there isn’t a single person who won’t enjoy them.


7. Sliders

This is another appetiser that’s sure to be a fan-favourite, and it pairs really well with the hot chips. Create some serious McDonald’s vibes with these, but just a little bit more classy.


8. Pizza

Ah, pizza, our one true love. If you feel the same as we do about pizza, then you’ll want to include it at your wedding. Maybe you can have a pizza making station, complete with a woodfire oven? Or perhaps you like the idea of the appetizers again, and choose to have mini pizza slices to serve to your guests. Either way, could we have an invite?



9. Popcorn Favours

This is a cute way to send your guests away with a little edible gift. You can personalise the packaging/bag to fit the theme of your wedding allowing you to really make it your own. Mix it up by having different flavours, and you might just be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t eaten the whole thing by the time the wedding is over.

Screen Shot 2018 10 26 at 4.38.32 pm


10. Pancake Bar

If you loved the bagel station, then how does a pancake station sound? This is another great snack to have not only at your wedding reception, but at the ceremony for the greatest morning snack guests could ask for. The best part is, you can throw in every topping under the sun to really have something special that people will love.



Cover photo by: @cateringproject



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