10 Creative Save the Date Ideas Based on Movies

Save the dates are kind of a big deal if you, you know, want people to actually show up! The last thing you want are those spontaneous friends or family members to book a trip away that happens to be on the exact same date as your wedding. Take caution Fairies, these things happen. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways you can save your date whilst keeping it fun and entertaining. These save the date ideas based on movie posters are exactly what we mean…

1. Mr & Mrs Smith

Introducing “Mr & Mrs Graham!” the pair who stunned the iconic Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts pose. One of our all time favs, this poster was executed perfectly!


Image via: Buzzfeed

2. Step Brothers

I think we can all agree that this save the date idea is simply genius! A film starring the hilarious duo Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, what better way to introduce your guests to the down to earth vibe of your wedding.

woman getting married

Image via: Womangettingmarried.com

3. It’s A Wonderful Life

And a wonderful idea!


Image via: armypantsandflipflops.com

4. Wedding Crashers

“No need to crash it. You’re invited!” – Christina and John definitely have the right idea, it’s better to invite your guests as early as possible to avoid any crashers, save those sates!


Image via: Dujourblog

5. One Fine Day

Clara and Justin look super in-love in their save the date, reflecting the essence of the romantic film One fine day.

lucia cintra

Image via: Lucia Cintra

6. The Ugly Truth

Another one of our favourites, Carol and Rodrigo save the date. This pair had a great concept and definitely did it justice.


Image via: Nathaliakhalil

7. When Harry Met Sally…

…and when Ben met Renee. A quirky save the date, to replicate a quirky romantic film. Did they pull it off to perfection? Yes, yes they did.


Image via: thebrokeassbride.com

8. The Perfect Catch

“Behind every great love is a great story”, and we couldn’t have agreed more! Joe and Julie seem like they definitely have quite the story and they started by catching the hearts of many through such a fabulous vintage film.


Image via: The unbride

9. The Notebook

Ok for real though, the movie had us in tears…

bride.canada Image via: bride.canada

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